Our Story

Elasya B's Candy Tree LLC was born from the dream of a then 9 year old girl wanting to purchase an American Girl Doll. Elasya "Bird" Jessup, sold her first candy apple going door to door in her neighborhood with her mom. What started out as a lesson quickly flourished into business when Elasya B asked her parents for a store front.

On November 26, 2012, Elasya B opened her first store front location at Hanes Mall in Winston Salem, N.C. Elasya B was the first person in the history of Hanes Mall to ever sell candy apples. She quickly out grew her cart leaving Hanes Mall January 6, 2013 in search of a new location after earning approximately $10,000 in sales for her sweet treats during her short stay there. 

With the help of her parents Shannon and Shannon Jessup, Elasya B reinvested her earnings and on May 3, 2013, the doors opened to Elasya Bs Candy Tree LLC current location, 500 W 4 tStreet, Suite 101-A in Downtown Winston Salem.

Elasya B's Candy Tree LLC has expanded their sweet offerings over the years and added a custom apparel department that was birthed during the Covid 19 pandemic shut down. When we could no longer sell our sweet treats Elasya B and her mom purchased two sewing machines, set up some work tables in their home, and began to make mask to meet the need of the mask shortage.

Elasya B's not only survived the pandemic but thrived, adding two concession buses and gourmet popcorn making us "YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!"  Thank you for stopping by our online store.